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Ok, so this will be my third run at Daytona. My second in the Charger. I almost backed out because I haven’t had the chance to get the new transmission in, and the new motor just went to the machine shop. BUT, who in the heck can pass up the chance to go play on the most famous speedway in the world?? I can’t say enough about the SCCA, TireRack, and Grass Roots Motorsports for putting on such an awesome event. Everything ran smooth as could be. As usual, a few who get a bit carried away on track, but it is to be expected. (Something about being at the most famous Speedway in the world)!


Great shot from the GRM Honda! Thanks guys!


This was the first session. Later on the night, second gear started going away on me. I also made a dumb rookie mistake and left the vacuum advance hooked up on the distributor so I had some misfire issues for a bit. Easy fix! Last session, I was told I neared 145! Plenty fast trying to stop this behemoth! The new EBC brake pads helped immensely and I had to dial in way more rear brake bias that I ever expected to use. Every lap seemed to get more and more fun. Don’t forget your point by guys! I am not ashamed!


This was pretty cool to see as well. Chris caught up to us and was able to shoot some video following us for a lap or two. Man, I never knew this car sounded so cool from the outside. I can hardly wait to keep perfecting it!



Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to check out the SCCA Track Night in America!

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