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Headed home from Darlington, somewhere just past the Hardeeville exit it happened. Running 90 in the outside lane I hear a bang and then a vibration so hard I though the car was coming apart. The exhaust got noticeably louder as well so I really thought I had blown the damn motor. Racing home, trying to beat the beginnings of the hurricane and here I was on the side of the road in low country South Carolina.

Walk around… nothing. Open the hood…nothing. WTF?! Looked under the car..nothing right off till I saw the rear U joint had exploded. I am guessing all of the parade burnouts and shenanigans were too much for it. Luckily for me Progressive has an awesome road side assistance program. I was too far south for any of my Street Legal Stock Car folks to come rescue me. I popped out my car show camp chair and set down in the woods off the road and waited on a ride.

They tried to take me on to a Dodge dealer. Um no! Took me like a minute on Google to find a good old South Carolina shop. J&C Auto in Hardeeville are seriously the best folks I have ran into in quite a while. They were busy as hell, and actually ended up just loaning me their car to go grab the part and loaning me a jack to get under the car. This place was packed with cars and you can tell the locals loved them. I can’t say enough praise for the shop.



Between looking for the parts and what not, it took about six hours to get back on the road. All in all, it worked out just fine and I beat the hurricane home. It’s all part of the adventure.


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