The more I listen to this guy….

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I have an hour and fifteen commute each day to my wonderful job as an airline tech specialist. It’s an almost straight shot from my house in Daytona to the Orlando airport. I get bored quickly, so I will throw on YouTube and let it play. Yeah, yeah. I listen to it ok. I have become a fan of a lot of the classic car and car guy channels but one stands out above the rest. Uncle Tony.

The more I listen to him, the more I realize this is me. Well, minus the fantastic mullet and smoking habit.

Seriously though, Tony embodies everything that is old school hot rod. While I have never been a drag race guy, I can appreciate the philosophy of build it rather than buy it. Nothing like building a carbureted engine with points ignition that eats up new cars at the track. It gave me some new inspiration for a build you will be hearing about soon! Guaranteed it will have a points distributor and a Holley carb!

I’ve watched most every video on his channel. Don’t discount him and his knowledge. He presents it in a way that even my ex wife can understand.

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