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Some of you that follow me on Social Media ( know that I have been chasing this mystery trans leak on the 71 car. The thing would go for days and weeks and not leak a drop unless I parked it for a week. This is after the car sat for two weeks. It dumped the bulk of the trans fluid onto the garage floor. I have looked it over front to back and could not find a real source of this issue. Some forum guys said it was the TQ converter draining down while parked and overflowing to the vent.


Soooo… since we have the new 408 engine in work and the swap to a five speed, I pulled the engine and trans out and this is what I saw once the pressure was off the transmission:

The case was cracked about 90% of the way around! It split almost on the pump line. With the engine against the trans, it most likely kept the crack from opening up. The bell housing was so loose I could nearly break it off by hand. With the new NV3500, I have to fabricate a mount so I am hoping to eliminate the torsion issues by a longitudinal pivot style mount.


Here’s hoping!


BTW, the initial test fit of the new trans went very well!

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