More gears, more speed…..hopefully!

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Almost a year in planning, the NV3500 has found its home behind the new 5.9. (More on the engine later) Of course, like everything with this car, the mount for the new five speed had to be custom fabricated one piece at a time.

Once the motor was out, I set it in the approximate position and started taking a few measurements.


Then I had to drop it out and get the engine bay cleaned up and get that new 5.9 dropped in. Once it was home, the fun started! I had to drop the Torsion Bar cross member out of the way, measure up and cut the original transmission cross member and let the engineering begin! Here I had just tacked up half of the bushing mount that attached to the transmission and had the side supports in place so that I could set the pitch angle of the transmission and tack the lower mount into place.



She’s all welded up and bolted in. I used two bushings mounted longitudinally that mate face to face and a support bolt ran through them. I am hoping this will allow for a little more flex and keep me from breaking another bell housing.


Two notes here. Yes, I am going to fabricate a short throw, remote shifter that will be more sports car like and less like a dump truck. Secondly, you do have to massage the trans tunnel to get this ting in place. I’ll have to fabricate a new one to finish out the deal.


Finally got he driveshaft in place this week. It took a special U joint from Moog. Part number 319, to mate the NV3550 yoke up to my driveshaft. Hopefully by the next installment, we will be making some noise!


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