66 Plymouth stock car

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1966 Plymouth Valiant. Built on a Petty kit car chassis design. Otherwise known as… HAVE I LOST MY DAMN MIND! I needed another barn find?

Well, it was a deal too good to pass up on. A bonified 60’s stock car! And…it came with a VIN and title! Another chance to make a bad ass street legal track day car.

It is still a project that will be several years in the making, but at least I have it at home. now. I managed to get several new front fenders, a hood, and a trunk lid. I am going to blow it apart and go through everything. I have some ideas. No, it’s not going to be another Petty car. Could be a baby 71 car though.


Right now, she is under wraps in the driveway awaiting her turn in the shop. At least the new wheels makes it look less …anemic. I am going to do a quick refresh on the original motor from the 71 car and go old school points and Holley carb on this thing. Maybe she will see a track day in 2021!

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