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Ok, so I really hate “About” pages. I never know if people want to hear about me or the project. So at any rate….

Me: Not just over 5o year old car enthusiast. Aircraft tech specialist, electronics nerd, somewhat trained in race car fabrication, photographer, and off road explorer. Worked for Dodge on my very first job in 1985-1987 when the Charger was a 2.2 Turbo. Built race cars and hot rods through the 80’s.

Current “big” project is a 1974 318 Dodge Charger. 3rd owner, rust bucket, garage entombed, project. The vision changed from a restoration to race car over a period of months as I discovered more and more wrong with the car. It was like getting free license to build something really bad ass. Pages like the Facebook “street legal race cars” sure helped that long! It’s became a scratch build. It will be a full on NASCAR replica.

Second car is my Daily Driver, slowly turning track car. It’s a 2013 Subaru BRZ. 6Spd Manual. The BRZ build is slowly taking precedence over the 71 car build. Mainly…because of budget.It’s my track day car, mostly focused on Daytona Speedway.

RatRageous came to me because you see so many “rat rods” out there. Me, I have been told that, at times, I am OUTRAGEOUS… so why not combine that with my love of old American muscle… thus RATRAGEOUS it is!

I really have to say thanks to the following companies:

All of these guys have been instrumental in my builds. I also have to shout out to all of our sponsors that have made the Dodge build possible! I’ll get them listed here soon.

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