74 NASCAR Charger

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Details of the 1974 Charger NASCAR build!

This car was never intended to be a track day car or otherwise. It was going to be the epitome of “Roadkill”. Just tune it up and drive. But… as luck would have it, it was a hunking pile of crap that was worth maybe half what I had paid for it. You know, “ran when parked”. Well little did I know that this:

This… was actually way worse than it looked. It had been sitting in that garage for nearly 12 years. The roof, especially the upper window line, was made from newspaper and Bondo! The engine, while I finally managed to get it running, was rotting from the inside. Every freeze plug leaked. Every busing and bearing in the suspension was rotted and worn out. The K member was cracked, and, and , and…

So, while we still lived in Vegas, I started ripping and tearing and grinding and welding. I just couldn’t scrap it. I had hundreds of ides from some fluorescent green beast to a flat black sleeper. The, I thought… street legal stock car! Before I even knew such a group existed, I started formulating my plans. I looked at Petty, Jim Vandiver, Buddy Baker, and about every other legend from my childhood. I settled on the bright red K&K Insurance car of Buddy Baker. I started watching every fabrication video that I could get my hands on and started working that way. This actually made things easier. Why? Because I could gut this heap and start from scratch!

So, in 2017, my job transferred us to Florida. Pretty much in the condition below, we rolled it onto a car hauler and headed east. The new roof was held on with tie straps, no motor, no trans, pretty much a shell. I contemplated just selling the damn thing. It has been nothing but one problem after another. Honestly, if my job hadn’t paid for the move, I would probably have just scrapped the whole idea. Lucky for me… I got out of that funk once we got to Florida!

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