Finally making some noise!

I took a ten day vacation from the day job and managed to get this thing fired up! All I can say is that in all my years of engine builds, I have never had one go off this smoothly! No leaks, no backfires, nothing. As soon as gas hit the carb, she fired! She idled right off the bat and fired right back up the next day. I did the carb idle adjustments and fine tuned the timing today. The only thing that I can really contribute this to is being overly meticulous and having plenty of extra time to do the work. At nay rate, I am pleasantly surprised and ready to hit the road once the rest of the work is done.



Yes, I still sell AMSOIL….

Many people find their way here via our old business, Ex Cop Offroad. Sadly, we closed up shop when we left Nevada, but continue our AMSOIL dealership today. If you click on the banner below it will lead you to the website where you can place your orders. I decided to make the change and simply guide everyone to the website through here.

At any rate, I’ll save you all the big sales push and just say that we’ve been big fans and AMSOIL customers ourselves. We put 60,000 miles on our FJ over countless off road trails and as far as southern Baja and the FJ had AMSOIL fluids front to back. Oil analysis was always spot on. Today, we will be running it in our Charger as we do in the BRZ with full confidence that we have the best oil on the market today protecting our investment.

I appreciate your patronage and I’d love to have you as a member of our team and AMSOIL family!


Finally back at this thing!

We arrived in Daytona on Dec 1. The car arrived about a week later, but as things go, the big honey do list kept me out of the garage. for a while. Finally a few weeks ago, I managed to drop the K member out!

As far as rough shape goes, this thing was as bad as it gets. Nasty as all hell, cracked welds, you name it. The pitman was worn almost in half. So after a day of disassembly, we took it off to the sandblaster. I’ll tell the aftermath of that in the next post!  Plenty of good parts from Firmfeel will help make this thing drive like a real race car!

Daytona, here we come!

So the slow progress has been because I won my bid to relocate back to Florida! We managed to find a place within ten minutes of the Daytona speedway which also means a short drive to Volusia speedway! Good news is that I found a Chump Car team wanting to build an IROC Camaro for the Daytona race in April. I won’t let that stop this build though.


So just before we started packing the car full for the drive to Florida, I managed to get the first fit on the seat and a test fit on the main hoop and rocker boxes.

So at any rate, she’s starting to look like a race car!

We’ll be in Florida for Christmas and the car will be nestled into the nearly 1,000sq ft garage to continue the build.

Just a little dash will do!

Or maybe a really big dash! It has been fun working on this part of the project so far. Going from a cardboard cutout to getting the #18 steel all bent and cut and fitted.

This, again, has been a first in a very LONG time!  I know, I know, I spent a lot of time working on the original dash, but at this point in the build, to keep a stock dash just seemed wrong. It needs to be ALL race car! Yes, I’ll keep the AC and heater and am working on another project there already. I’ll post more later but I am going to convert the airbox to all electronic servos and electronic speed control for the blower motor. No more vacuum pots and resistors!

So this is where I stopped today. I tacked in some pieces to hold it up while I design actual mounts for it and figure out the center console layout. I’m going to go all Autometer Pro-comp gauges this time and most likely will put all the switches in the center console. I’m really leaning towards a trophy truck style setup with the shifter mounted on an angle in the console.

The more  I work on this thing, the more fun I am having!

That sound!

So this is the goal!  A big beast of a 360. I can only imagine this plumbed into the Dr. Gas Boom Tubes! The neighbors will love us!

That’s about it for tonight. Just found this and had to share.

And here is how it started…..

Just like it says… HELLO WORLD!

So this is it. 1974 Mopar B Body 318(Charger). Abandoned in a garage for 12 years. At first, it looked like “Let’s tune it up, add fresh gas and drive it a while”. That quickly changed to “WTF did I buy” and “let’s build a bad ass street legal race car”.  Sadly, I didn’t really inspect the thing before I brought it home.  It was described as “ran when parked”. So here’s some of  the fun stuff I found:

  • All four wheels were different widths.
  • Rear brakes were non-existent due to various rusted and seized parts.
  • The roof was a combination of bondo and newspaper filling in where metal used to be.
  • The engine sat with water in it for that long. It was full of mud!
  • The gas tank was full of 12 year old gas.
  • Every piece of rubber on the car was rotted, including all of the steering bushings.
  • The electrical system was partially rewired with an old extension cord.
  • The rear floorboard was rusted through.
  • The seats were rotted.
  • None of the locks worked.
  • The rocker panels were rusted through.

So more or less, I had a shell to work with. These cars are bringing more than I paid for it, in this condition, so that was a plus.  So after a few weeks of working to get it running, (which I did and it ran great) I decided to build a race car. The TV show  Roadkill has been my inspiration from the start! Hopefully I will do them proud.