Can’t get enough of this!

April is on the way! That means track days at Daytona International speedway! Hopefully I can run the BRZ one day and the Dodge he next. I can hardly wait! Spring in Florida seems to be kicked off with the 500 even though it is in February. Since I posted last, I have managed to get the lettering done on the Charger, and got her all egal here in Florida so I have made a few runs with her now to test it out. Not quite the low end beast I had hoped for, but she loves that high end wind up!

I did a short video out on the 95 on the way to the speedway to do a photo shoot. Man that was fun! Almost as fun as being flocked by German tourists wanting to do a photo shoot with it.


I wished I could simply say that I am done and ready to just drive it. I still have to rebuild the entire rear end. I have new shocks, sway bar, and springs to go. She drives awesome now like she is. Corners like a beast! But… still not quite track ready. I can’t wait to hear the echo of this thing going under the tunnel ad Daytona in the spring!

Thanks to everyone that has been following, sponsored, helped out, gave me ideas, and generally watched a 50 year old act like a teenager. Hopefully you will still be hanging out listening to more of the story!

Ok, let’s try this again!

So with my wife’s illness and a few other things, I was certainly in a slump. I started looking at the budget and decided to go buy a low mile junkyard long block, 5.9 magnum engine. Let’s face it, the $12,000 budget for the new 408 build will just have to wait. Anyway, I am ok with that because I wanted to try the 5.9 Magnum conversion to start with. I have been reading up a lot on Magnum Swap.

Junkyard Magnum from a well maintained state vehicle was about $450! I’ve ordered a new oil pump, timing chain set, LA timing cover, LS oil pan, and a new intake and mechanical fuel pump. I will detail more of this on the engine build page.¬†About all I have left to have a moving car is the torque converter. I am not sure which one I’ll go with just yet and the choices are plentiful!

Work in progress :

This thing turned out so awesome! I could not be happier with the result.

I’ll go update the engine page as soon as I can!