Roll your own…….HEI that is

Ok, well here we go! Done, and done! New HEI system is all installed and she runs great!


Yes, you too can do this! It may be blasphemy to some, but I can tell you that this is 100 times more reliable and the spark hotter than a Mopar or Direct Connection box. While not as fancy as a full MSD or Mallory setup, it comes at a fraction of the cost! All you need is a stock Mopar distributor, GM HEI module, and a coil. No more ballast resistor!

Here is a great article from Elizabeth Puckett at Power and Performance Magazine about how she did it.

Here is how it’s wired.¬† Don’t forget the heat sink paste on the module and mount it to aluminum for cooling.

One note is on the distributor cap. The older (late 80’s to around 92 had a clip down cap, where later ones had the screw down cap. The later cap has HEI Male terminals, where the older one had standard female wire sockets. I did find a cap at Mancini racing that had the male HEI terminals with the clip mount cap, and it was $48!! I have seen some on eBay but as of now haven’t tested them.

And here we have the first firing. Timing was not set yet, but she sounded pretty mean for a cold start!


Feel free to email me: or hit me up on Facebook if you want help setting up your own!

Ok, let’s try this again!

So with my wife’s illness and a few other things, I was certainly in a slump. I started looking at the budget and decided to go buy a low mile junkyard long block, 5.9 magnum engine. Let’s face it, the $12,000 budget for the new 408 build will just have to wait. Anyway, I am ok with that because I wanted to try the 5.9 Magnum conversion to start with. I have been reading up a lot on Magnum Swap.

Junkyard Magnum from a well maintained state vehicle was about $450! I’ve ordered a new oil pump, timing chain set, LA timing cover, LS oil pan, and a new intake and mechanical fuel pump. I will detail more of this on the engine build page.¬†About all I have left to have a moving car is the torque converter. I am not sure which one I’ll go with just yet and the choices are plentiful!

Work in progress :

This thing turned out so awesome! I could not be happier with the result.

I’ll go update the engine page as soon as I can!