And here we go …again!

Remember me talking about Chinese junk a few posts ago? That awesome HEI distributor? Well, here we go again! Took the car from a cruise and on the way home it died like the switch was turned off. At first, I thought it’s almost 100 degrees out, so maybe vapor lock. Nope. I noticed when it shut down that the tach died immediately and pegged at zero. I managed to limp it home by cycles of driving and cooling, driving and cooling. That was fun!

I started checking things over. While letting the engine idle I noticed the weirdest thing! The damned distributor cap was wobbling around while the engine was running. Turns out out wasn’t the cap, but the entire base plate! I opened it up to have a look and the entire base was full of oil! Pic below was after I had spilled some of the oil. The stator was full of oil as well. Absolute JUNK!

UGH!! Soooo… off to my scrap bin and picked out a Mopar distributor. Now I am back to rolling my own ignition module and coil setup the way that I want it. I’ll update that as soon as I get it fired up!

On a really good note, JEGS was more than happy to refund the money for the purchase even though I told them they were getting a box of parts back.